Dr. Gerald Horn: Breinfuel was Designed to Enhance Benefits of Caffeine

Dr. Gerald Horn
3 min readDec 2, 2020


How Breinfuel was Designed to Enhance the Benefits of Caffeine, Explained by Dr. Gerald Horn

We live in a world that runs on caffeine. It’s one of the most universally available stimulants, and many of us drink an average of at least two or three cups of coffee a day. Coffee is the most popular caffeine delivery system, followed by teas and energy drinks. If you’re a regular caffeine drinker, you know that there are some days it is much more effective than others and has very significant limits beyond which can cause jitters, fatigue, or crash.

Dr. Gerald Horn posits that this is because caffeine is absorbed relatively quickly by the body. It has an eight-hour half-life, but it reaches its peak in your metabolism within about 45–60 minutes of ingestion. After a year of trying to develop a better for you caffeine, Dr. Horn’s aha moment — that caffeine is not energy or fuel, but rather a stimulant, was answered. When Dr. Horn developed Breinfuel, his functional, better-for-you, cerebral beverage, he wanted to find a way to better support and enhance the effects of caffeine while mitigating some of the negative side effects from its historic misuse. He found the caffeine, fuel, antioxidant, and brain-boosting blends that he felt optimized caffeine’s benefits and reduced the side effects attributed to caffeine.

The Fuel Blend Is Key to Breinfuel’s Success — Dr. Gerald Horn Explains Why

Of the four layers, or “blends,” in Breinfuel that each support and enhance the caffeine within it, we will focus on the “Fuel Blend” in this article, which in itself provides comprehensive and healthy fuel support without spiking glucose levels. It is important that fuel support for caffeine supplies short-range, medium-range and long-range fuel sources for the body, because without that extended metabolic fuel support, the brain and body would eventually sputter when depleted of the energy sources needed to respond to the stimulant. Stimulation, without the capacity to respond, is “oxidative stress on steroids” in the opinion of Dr. Horn.

Glucose spikes can cause oxidative stress, so you want to make sure that you’re using a low-glycemic sugar. This low-glycemic sugar, d-ribose, is the short-term fuel. It absorbs immediately into the bloodstream and supports the first hit of caffeine, explains Dr. Gerald Horn.

Next in the fuel blend are the hydrolyzed protein and peptides. These are the medium- and long-term support for your caffeine — they are a great source of energy, they’re glucose-stabilizing, and your neurotransmitters may benefit from the amino acids present in them. Hydrolyzed means partially broken down and easily absorbed in water — this just means the protein is in a form of peptides that’s easy for your body to digest.

The hydrolyzed protein source that Dr. Gerald Horn chose was collagen. Collagen is loaded with glycine which has many important functions in the body and particularly the brain. It is a precursor of glutamic acid, the critical and only pathway of the brain to neutralize oxidative stress its high metabolism even at baseline generates. There is over a gram of glycine and six grams of protein in every bottle of Breinfuel.

The result of Breinfuel’s unique combination of ingredients appears to be a more prolonged benefit from your caffeine intake, which means you may be able to function at a higher level throughout your day. For more information about Breinfuel or how to purchase it, visit breinfuel.com .

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